•  ANGWAN BERI-BERI (Rugan Fulani)

A Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is a team of non-Rotarian men and women who are committed to their community’s long-term economic development and self-sufficiency.  RCCs are active in urban and rural communities in both developed and developing countries. Remember that no matter where you are, even if it is a developed country, there are always underserved groups and communities in need of assistance.  RCCs can help identify and address these service opportunities.

Rotary Club of Abuja Wuse II has sponsored two (2) RCCs (RCC Wuse II and RCC Angwan Beri-Beri (Rugan Fulani) who work in partnership to improve their communities. While some RCCs are created to undertake a specific project, ours tackle larger, more entrenched problems on an on-going basis. Our RCC members bring enthusiasm, creativity, and sustainability to the projects they design and implement. They offer community solutions for community challenges.


Rotary Community Corps are local. They are part of the community and help mobilise the community. They ensure that local needs are met. And most significantly, a Rotary Community Corps has a vested interest in its own success. Their members have to live with the results of their work; their commitments are the basis for sustainability. Rotary grant projects that establish RRCs help to ensure that the project’s impact lives on in the community long after Rotary’s direct support ends.”

Membership in any of our RCC is open to any adult in the community who shares Rotary’s commitment to service but is not a Rotary member. Our RCCs also provide their members with opportunities to collaborate with Rotarians and develop valuable leadership skills.